The course content and sequence may be adjusted based on the duration of the lecture and the interests of the students. Additional readings, assignments, and projects may also be included to enhance the learning experience. The lecture on 15 Dec is the make-up class for 29 Sep.

Week Date Topics Note
1 1 Sep Introduction Jin-Hwa Kim
2 8 Sep Multimodal tasks and datasets Jiyoung Lee
3 15 Sep Multimodal representation learning Jin-Hwa Kim
4 22 Sep Multimodal reasoning and interpretability Jiyoung Lee
5 29 Sep Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) -
6 6 Oct Pre-training paradigm Jiyoung Lee
7 13 Oct Project proposal Jin-Hwa Kim
8 20 Oct Multimodal generation 1 Guest lecturer: Junho Kim
9 27 Oct Multimodal generation 2 Jiyoung Lee
10 3 Nov Ethical AI Guest lecturer: Hwaran Lee
11 10 Nov Neural graphics Jin-Hwa Kim
12 17 Nov Topics in neural graphics Jin-Hwa Kim
13 24 Nov Towards strong and robust vision models Guest lecturer: Sangdoo Yun
14 1 Dec Speech synthesis and its applications Guest lecturer: Eunwoo Song
15 8 Dec Final presentations Jin-Hwa Kim
16 15 Dec Final presentations Jiyoung Lee